In La Roque-d'Anthéron, music as an antidote to the coronavirus

Funny fortieth birthday! This Saturday, August 1 in the evening, René Martin, the artistic director of the La Roque-d'Anthéron International Piano Festival (colloquially called "La Roque") has the smile of one who has been granted by fate.In the spring, when the cancellations of festivals are raining around him, the founder of La Folle Journée de Nantes has no doubts: if only one remains, it will be him."La Roque is an open-air festival," he argues., which means we had a chance to keep it."

The president of the festival, Jean-Pierre Onoratini, son of the co-founder, the late Paul Onoratini (1920-2010), as well as the team, determined to win the battle, develop strategies according to the announcements of health measures.a gauge of 100, 200, then 600 seats, like this opening night at the auditorium of Florans park, a place that usually has 2,000.Of course, the festival, which had to completely rethink its programming, no 'will not reach this year its 2 million euros ticketing: "We will be at 40%, around 800,000 euros, notes René Martin, but the festival has been assured of the maintenance of subsidies from the department, our partner principal, of the region and the metropolis, no less than the town hall and the state."

60 concerts maintained

The largest private French producer of classical music concerts (some 1,000 per year - in addition to La Roque-d'Anthéron and La Folle Journée, widely available abroad, the Nantais is also director of the Fêtes musicales at La Grange de Meslay., of the Festival d'art sacré de Guérande, among others -, had no trouble finding artists for the 60 concerts held until August 21, after the start of the festival was postponed from July 26 to the start of the month of August."I wrote to all the artists to obtain an agreement in principle, he says.The musicians should be able to come by car to La Roque, even if they are sent one.foreign pianists from Russia, Asian countries or the United States.Argentinian pianist Nelson Goerner, who lives in Geneva, Russian Arcadi Volodos, Barcelona, immediately said yes.As for our talented French musicians, I don ' just kept putting them forward, as I always have.”

Posted Date: 2020-12-17

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