Trout fishing

A man from Toulouse, crazy about fishing, had the idea of creating a platform for the sale of second-hand fishing equipment between private individuals.the thirst for nature post-deconfinement did the rest.

Daddy fishing, with a handmade rod and real maggots that twist and turn, is far away. Now connected, the practitioners import lures from Japan, in the shape of fish but also frogs or crayfish very well imitated, and swoon before the exploits of the stars of the discipline via YouTube or Instagram.

They even have their Vinted, to find reels or big second-hand brands. The platform is called Circle Fishers. It was created by Karim Sanogho, 35 years old, who, as a good Toulousain, took the bait when he was very small, teasing catfish, bream or roach in the Canal du Midi.

A cane broken in two

“I’ve caught the virus, fishing, I think about it from morning to night, I even dream about it”, confides this former computer salesman now exiled in Montpellier. He is well placed to know that his passion is expensive, especially when one decides to dive into the very demanding technique of fly fishing. Circle Fishers was born at the end of 2018 from a disillusion: a rod ordered second hand by the classic classified ads and arrived “broken in two”, without recourse for Karim.

Already a Vinted enthusiast for clothes, the thirty year old has imagined a similar concept for fishing, safe for buyers. The help of some influencers, including Aminiakk for the insiders, allowed him to make his first rounds in the ocean of the Net.

“This need for the outdoors and tranquility”

But that was before the tide of containment (decreed, by the way, in the middle of trout fishing) and this new proof that there is a world after Covid-19.” For three days nothing happened, zero traffic, the fisherman says. Then people realized it was going to last and it was the explosion, the connections doubled. ” ‘Cause that’s the way fishermen are, when they can’t get to the waterfront, they gear up thinking about it.” You’re almost as happy to get a new reel or a new lure in your mailbox as you are to get a fish out,” says the enthusiast, who claims 4,000 users on his platform.

And the infatuation did not abate during the deconfinement.” There was this need for the outdoors and tranquility,” he continues. “The enthusiasts fished twice as much, some got back on their feet, and brand new people came in.

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